Who We Are

The MERCHANTS OF DEVA began in science-fiction fandom,in a time when science-fiction conventions were the one true outlet for those whose interests were outside the mainstream — a time and a place set aside from the mundane world, where for just one weekend, dreaming about worlds of adventure and a better future was the new normal, where dressing as bright and bold characters from comic books and television shows was the new chic; where you could find new friends who would talk about your favorite obsessions with you late into the night. For most of us, this was our true home — our real world, our Narnia, that we could step into a few weekends out of the year and be ourselves.

Years ago, we set out to give fandom its biggest and best convention parties ever — constantly trying to top ourselves with even better food, more exciting decorations and drink concoctions, and music to get people out on the dance floor and keep them there. We wanted to be at the heart of it all, giving people good times to remember for years to come.

That world used to fade away when the convention weekend was over. Not anymore.

These days, new fans don’t spend half their lives wondering if there’s anyone like them out there. The Internet has connected everyone to everyone else. Science fiction itself is no longer mocked and hidden away — now, the big summer blockbusters can be counted on to have spaceships or giant robots or superheroes. Fandom isn’t just something that happens a few weekends out of the year now — fandom is everywhere, twenty-four-by-seven, constantly connected. It’s out in the world, and the MERCHANTS are determined to be out there with it.

This is the twenty-first century we were dreaming about. It’s here, and we’re in charge of it. What are we going to do with it?

Fandom is full of dreamers, but in dreams begin reponsibilities. We’ve seen other examples of people who have channeled the creativity, talent, and enthusiasm of fandom to make a difference, from Can’t Stop the Serenity raising money for Equality Now to Child’s Play bringing toys and games to children’s hospitals.

We’d like to do the same. THE MERCHANTS OF DEVA are ready to do what we do best — bring you an excellent time.